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To know is not to demonstrate or explain.  It is to gain access to vision.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


I am passionate about true results and enjoying life.  My current home and work is in Portland, Oregon.  I am firm in my allyship and in welcoming all  genders, lifestyles, races, and persons as equal and one.  There is no room for hate here.  


As a mother and grandmother, I am passionate about healing through nurturance.  I was raised in a large religious family and community in the Midwest, and am very thankful for my parents and family.   After working in adult and pediatric emergency nursing for a decade, I realized that our unprocessed emotions impact health deeply.  My practice is integrative.


As a clairvoyant medium and Seer,  it has been a lifelong process,  and it's an honor to hold this space.  Together, we truly uncover and pivot what feels 'in the way'.   These gifts are a most beautiful blessing.    


I established Temple Medicine Healing in Portland, in 2015.  This space is dedicated to emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.  It attracts high caliber people truly looking to heal.  I am impressed by people everyday.   My work with the Native community is also as a healer on the Warm Springs Reservation.   There, we hold 1:1 sessions to support changing inter-generational trauma.  


I hold session space for all ages and fluid genders, and am ready to make this accessible on-line for future generations!  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for arriving here!

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