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We provide weekly interventional recordings,
to school-aged kids, that 
develop emotional regulation. 
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If you have found us you’re on a journey to increase

the emotional health of your kids.   

Here you'll find a fun and low cost program to improve your child's emotional processing and response resolution.  

Videos will provide guidance on:  calming strategies, naming emotions, moving emotions out in a complete way, inner-connectivity, and how heavy emotions affect the body.

When stress arises in the mind or body, your child will be learning techniques that improve emotional regulation and instant processing. 


Short focused video recordings, about 15 minutes each.

Good as an intervention once calmed.

Videos released once a week on Sundays.

Personal assessments with clearing available by appointment at an additional flat rate of $85~


Each video uses a combination of mindfulness and energy clearing techniques that are designed to move the cause of the emotion and the secondary symptoms! 


These exercises are based on teacher's advice, evidence based learning, and energy clearing techniques that have been practiced in a wellness clinic out of Portland, Oregon. 


Our goal is to provide simple ways to spark the emotional knowledge innate within your child.  Our mission is dedicated to increase the emotional health of future generations!


When practiced with consistency, these are designed to help: identify emotions, process emotions, relieve stress, create a feeling of centeredness, and form a new culture around worth and awareness.

We hope you enjoy!

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The cost is $ 10 dollars a month.  

Thank you for being here!

Below is an example of the weekly recording!

Meet your Team

Where the Love Comes From!


Amy Kimmick


As a mother and grandmother, I am passionate about healing through nurturance.  After working in adult and pediatric ER nursing, I realized that our emotions impact physical, mental, and social health.  My practice is integrative.  As a clairvoyant medium, and a Seer, together we uncover and pivot what feels 'in the way'. These gifts are a most beautiful blessing.    


In following my passion to care for others and from my personal healing, I established Temple Medicine Healing in Portland, Oregon, in 2015. This space is dedicated to emotional, physical, and Spirit health and well being.  It attracts high caliber people truly looking to heal.   We hold session space for all ages, and are ready to make this accessible on-line.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for arriving here!


Millie Kimmick


Hello!  I am an organist, music teacher, Choir Director, and liturgy Director.  My life's work has been dedicated to child development through loving kindness and educating.  My home is in St. Louis, Missouri, and I am the mother of five, grandmother of 9, and great grandmother of 1.  My favorite place to be is teaching kids how to sing for the last 35 years.


Not long ago I wrote a review regarding Amy's work and I can confirm excellent clearing and in depth work continues.  This is bringing me progress and integration.  Very grateful for her clarity, skill, depth and compassionate support. She is a delight to work with!

Mary S.

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This is for ages K-8!

Free Support Meditations for adults are sent once a month and come through our newsletter at:  

 Temple Medicine Healing 

Our mission is to provide quality content to develop emotionally healthy kids.

Thank you for being here!

Cancellation Policy


Thank you for being a member!

Were sorry to see you go, but totally understand.  


Your policy will automatically cancel one year after you start.  

We do not offer refunds.

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